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All artwork is the property of its respective owner, the books are displayed here only for the purpose of showing the physical work completed by L.B. Bookbindery.
If you are the owner of any artwork and do not wish it displayed on these pages please let us know.

L.B. Bookbindery has crafted a multitude of books. Some have been elegant case bound with a modest foil stamping, while others are very ornate or use distinctive materials such as metals or plastics. Of course we also make simple case, perfect and mechanical bound books for those clients with different goals or smaller budgets.
This slide show is just a few of the books we have made in recent years. We hope to show the diversity of our work and give you an understanding of the possibilities and diversity of the book. Whether literature, reference, advertising or its many other uses, the book is a beautiful way to communicate your message.

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